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Ordo Malleus is currently not recruiting due to having been disbanded.
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Welcome to the Ordo Malleus Webpage

Thank you for making use of our web page. We hope you find it helpful. Ordo Malleus is a very large, adult guild with many facets which include trade skilling; progressive and casual raiding; normal, T1 and T2 dungeon runs; and casual and epic questing. We hope you find something you like and share it with your new friends in the guild.

We run a clean ship and while it might not be G rated we try to keep things PG. We have members comprised of families and long time friends as well as new friends spanning the globe from Australia to the US and Canada. You're sure to find someone to group with in your time zone. 

While we try to deliver personal help whenever we can, with over 400 members we don't have time to address everyone's concerns and play too. That being the case, this forum has become the repository of our experience and valuable information. If you have a question chances are it's already answered on the forums. In addition you will find answers to questions you haven't thought to ask. We hope you appreciate our hard work and that you will come here often to contribute your thoughts to our website. 
On behalf of our GM's, officers and members - Welcome to our website! We look forward to seeing you in game.

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Friday Night Fun Raid Follow-Up

ypcat, Jun 4, 11 8:31 PM.
The fun raid was as you might expect, fun. Grent and Enviro were on under-leveled alts and Enviro dying over and over was the highlight of that, but he managed to get his planarite for his planar focus. The main DPS mage was healing the raid and much loot was had by all.

See you next week - same bat time, same bat channel!

Raiding and DKP

ypcat, May 23, 11 1:47 PM.
We are stepping into the world of raiding and in order to avoid World War III we must deploy a strict and equitable loot award system. So, our version of this is in the form of DKP. The way it works is on a 5 DKP per raid award system where if you show up on time you get 1 DKP; verified by screenshot of raid list and clock. If you're still there at half time you get 2 DKP and if you're there at the end you get 2 DKP for a total of 5 DKP per raid. Loot that drops will start with a 5 DKP bid until someone outbids everyone else, or until they have no more DKP to bid. In the event of a tie there will be a roll-off. We have seen this system work in the past and we hope it works for you.

Welcome to Ordo Malleus

Mhaeldeke, Apr 2, 11 1:19 PM.
Welcome to the Ordo Malleus Webpage

So you've finally hit level 50 and now what? We are looking for people to fill our 20 man RAID force. To become a raider you must follow the end game content progression. 

Complete Tier1 dungeons for Achievement Plaques and turn them in at the Lodge of the Planes in Sanctum for purple armor pieces. Once you have enough purple gear from Tier 1 dungeons you can start running Tier 2 dungeons which lead to raids and Tier 3 armor.

Guild-only rift runs on weekends include special rifts that drop extra loot thanks to special lures. If you have a special lure or a rare lure component such as a blue or purple corrupted soul please see Kiyotan or any officer in game. You will be ensuring a rift is opened in your honor by doing so and helping your guild - thanks!
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